Progress Reports February 8, 2017

Progress reports go home on February 8. In an effort to mimic a middle school experience, I have included all missing assignments as zeroes averaged into the overall grade. As always, your child has until the end of the grading period to complete these. A list is posted in the classroom of the missing assignments. Many children have fallen behind in Accelerated Math. Only one assignment of 20 problems of AM is required weekly. Four assignments were averaged into the overall grade. Please look for an additional sheet accompanying the progress report for more details. Many children also have not corrected and returned assignments that could have brought their grade up.

Mrs. Pursley’s Class-Week of Nov. 7

We are super busy in school this week with our Book Fair and our Thanksgiving Luncheon this week. I hope that you are able to attend both of these memorable events with your children on Friday of this week. Our time for lunch is 12:10. We will be eating in the gym. Please DO NOT take your student early from the gym. I will come to pick up the students and we will all go to the book fair as a class for about 15 minutes.

I was so thrilled to see so many of you at our Halloween Party. Special thanks to Mrs. McDaniel for organizing and providing our party treats. Thanks to those of you who contributed to our fabulous time. Thanks, also, to Mrs. Tate for providing our Halloween pencils.


We have no school on Tuesday due to voting. Our school is used as a voting site and will be quite busy. I am asking the children to complete an assignment on the LCM (least common multiple). We have been working on this for over a week in class. My goal is for them to begin in class and to finish at home on Tuesday.


Optional homework:

Monday: Homework workbook pg. 41-42

Wednesday: Math puzzle

Thursday: Math Puzzle



  1. Our lunch time is from 12:40-1:05
  2.  The girls’ shirts WILL NOT come home today….the bottoms are being fringed to give us a “special look”. They will be done for FRIDAY’S BIG DAY!!!
  3. We are the last to walk…our time is from 2:10-2:40…feel free to meet us on the track!!!
  4. We are very excited about this big day and are planning on winning the ‘Golden Shoe” for our grade.

Mrs. Pursley’s Class September 26-30

This week is going to be a busy one!! Warrior Walk is Friday, September 30. The end of the grading period is right around the corner followed by Parent-Teacher conferences and Fall Break.

In Math this week, we are working with fractions and relating them to money & clocks to help solve equations. We will begin story problems on Wednesday.

In Science this week, we are wrapping up ch.1, les.2 on Ecosystems. We will have a quiz on this lesson on Wednesday, Sept. 28. Please study for this one; especially learn each type of organism used as an example for Symbiosis. There will be a matching section for this. There is one last extra credit opportunity; using a sheet of white copy paper, make a large scientific drawing (include all the parts, etc.) from anything in lesson 3 (ie. leaf cross section, photosynthesis, respiration cycle, etc.) This is due on Monday, Oct. 3.

Lunch menu change:

Wednesday is Super Nachos & Chicken      Friday is Chicken sliders & Hotdog


Optional homework for this week:

Monday: Math with Pizzazz puzzle

Tuesday: Math with Pizzazz puzzle

Wednesday: Homework workbook pg. 25-26

Thursday: Math with Pizzazz puzzle

Mrs. Pursley’s 5th grade September 19th-23rd

Math: This week, we are working on fractions as compared to money (100 cents) and to the clock. We will have a “work sample” (quiz) on Friday over these skills.

Science: In Science this week, we are beginning ch. 1, les. 2 which discusses ecosystems and the relationships in them. There is new learning information and your children will need help studying for the quiz which will be Tuesday, September 27.

******As the end of the grading period is close, all correct & return papers are due by Wed., Sept. 28.


Optional homework this week in Math:

Monday: Homework workbook pg 21-22

Tuesday: Math with Pizzazz Puzzle A-38

Wednesday: Math with Pizzazz Puzzle  A-39

Thursday: Math with Pizzazz Puzzle  A-41

Other upcoming events:

Warrior Walk pledge forms coming home:Sept. 23

Warrior Walk: Sept. 30  5th grade walks/runs at 2:10-2:40

Warrior Walk money collection:Sept.30-Oct. 18

End of grading period:Oct. 5

This week in Mrs. Pursley’s Class

This week, September 12-16, we are finishing up a chapter in Math with our Unit 1 test and beginning Unit 2 on fractions.

In Science, we are working on chapter 1 …currently our topic is plant & animal cells. We will have a quiz on lesson 1 on Thursday, September 15.

Mrs. Park and I will send home a weekly sheet on Monday with the “optional homework” listed for the week. The homework may be out of the Student workbook, the Home Connection book, or a separate sheet. Optional homework for this week is:

Tuesday: Home connection: pg 17-18

Wednesday: Student book: pg. 30

Thursday: Student book: pg 31

Other classwork may be coming home, but it IS NOT OPTIONAL. Among that may be Drops in a Bucket, Accelerated Math, and Science workbook pages.

Here’s to a great week!!

Mrs. Pursley


Welcome back to school!!

Welcome back to another exciting year of school!! I am so excited to get to know every one of you!!  A few pieces of information:

Our schedule is as follows:

8:15-8:45     Morning work

8:30               Last Bell

8:45-9:30    Special area classes

9:30-10:00  WIN (Math enrichment & snack)

10:00-10:20 Recess

10:20-12:00 Math & Science

12:05-12:30  Lunch

12:30-1:00    WIN (ELA enrichment)

1:00-1:10        Brain break

1:10-2:55         ELA

2:55-3:00        Pack up

3:00-3:20        Recess

3:25                    Move to dismissal locations

3:30                    Dismissal


This evening, we have Parent Night. I am looking forward to seeing each of you again. I have a packet prepared for you which may answer other questions and give you a reference to take home. Times are from 6:00-7:00.

This week in Math, we are studying volume and the commutative and associative properties. We will be working with those properties both with papers and pencil activities and with manipulatives. Please expect a small amount of homework nightly. This should only take 20 minutes or so.

In Science this week, we are in chapter 3 studying Space, specifically the inner planets. We have a quiz on Wed., Aug. 18 on the inner planets and their qualities. STUDY NOTES FROM YOUR JOURNALS….FONDLY CALLED “BOB”.

Please ask your child if they have incomplete classwork as it will need to be completed at home. We have NO STUDY HALL OPTION THIS YEAR. If this continues, please contact me so we can discuss this BEFORE OUR REGULAR CONFERENCE TIME IN OCTOBER. Thank you. 🙂