Just a quick update

Hello parents! I wanted to send a friendly reminder that our first round of Scrip orders will need to be turned in by this Tuesday, 11/14 at NOON. . . these gift cards will be delivered BEFORE Thanksgiving break!!!  (We will have one more order before Christmas).  You can either fill in the form that was sent home, make a list of items you want OR even go to http://www.scripzone.com and place an online order there.  You would need to create a username, password and then enter our group ID which is Indian Lake.  It does remove 3% fee from ILE’s profits if you order using a credit card, but it also gives you an alternate option to place your order and then send the check in to ILE PTO (paying by check or cash costs us nothing).  If you choose this option, please send check in to school on Tuesday morning.

This is such a simple way to support your school . . . and get the gift cards that you plan to buy anyway!  Contact me with any questions.  I will contact you when the cards are ready for pickup.







This ~ N ~ That

We are super busy around here at Indian Lake. Here are just a few reminders about what’s going on around here…

**Report cards went home on Friday. Please sign the envelope and the behavior form and return ASAP.

**Art to Remember is due on Thursday. You may send orders in or order online. Not only do these make fun gifts, they are fun to look at in the future. I still have 3 magnets on my frig from when my daughter was in elementary school here.

**Don’t forget the Mr. Carwash October Spirit Night activity…a pretty painless way to support our school while the school makes 50%…each pass is $6.00…same regular price!!! I bought several for small stocking stuffer gifts for Christmas.

**This Friday is STEAM Friday. We will have activities during the morning and our annual Fall Parade during the afternoon followed by treats in the classroom.

**Antisto was the house that won the first 9 weeks treat. More information will be coming home about that soon.


Happy Fall, Y’all

I hope everyone had a much needed restful Fall Break, and that you are ready for the second 9 weeks with vigor and enthusiasm!! In an effort to make all of our students more responsible, there are a few changes. They are:

  1. Late papers will receive 20 points off. This does not count for absences due to illness or trips. However, this work must be returned in a timely manner or else it will receive points deducted for being so late.
  2. Signing the behavior log 3 times will result in detention. detention will be served the following day from 3:45-4:45.
  3. No name papers will be thrown into the trash. In the past, I have taped them up on the wall and they are seldom claimed or else someone lies and claims them should they have that assignment missing. This will alleviate that from occurring.

I truly do not expect any of my students to receive detention. They ALL know the rules and have had 9 weeks to settle into our routine and they are familiar with ALL of our expectations.

Our room mothers are collecting money for our parties. Since we have one NEXT WEEK, please send your money as soon as possible if you have not done so already!!!

House points have been calculated for the first 9 weeks. The houses were only 200 points apart and ANTISTO is the winner. They will receive an invitation to our upcoming celebration soon.

I am grateful that you have entrusted your child with me for this school year. The children get along well and work together as a team. Thank you for ALL of your support!! 🙂


Welcome…Fall Break

This Friday marks the beginning of our Fall Break. I wish all of you a restful and relaxing time…whether you are traveling or staying home as I am… (those weddings about did me in!!!), please be careful!!! I’ll see you on Monday, October 16!!

A special thanks to anyone who had a part in Warrior Walk!!!! Everyone had a terrific time and the weather was perfect!!! Thanks to our room moms for decorating our door, and for several others who contributed to the spirit for “Team Pink!!! All money for the Warrior Walk is due by October 17.

We are back in our textbook (CH. 1, les 3) in Science for a while. We will have our next quiz on Tuesday, October 17. Shortly after this, we will have our first chapter test. A study guide will be given out for the test about a week before hand.

Friday marks the end of the grading period. Please check Parent Portal if you are wondering if your child is missing anything or email me. I have had a missing work list up for some time and have been updating it daily. All missing work MUST BE IN BY FRIDAY. I will have my grades completed and you can access Parent Portal for your final grade by Friday afternoon before I leave to begin our holiday.




The day we have been waiting for has finally arrived…Warrior Walk. Our room is a sea of hot pink!! Thanks to the parents who have sent in all of the “extras”…pink ribbons, pink eye patches, pink wrist bands…YOU GUYS HAVE THE SPIRIT!!!!! I hope that you can join us for part of this event!!!

Our lunch time remains very similar….11:40-12:05


We run/jog/walk….2:00-2:30


The grading period comes to an end very soon. Every child that had missing work has been given a 2nd copy (most found their original) and has over the weekend to complete it and turn it in.


One of the most exciting events of the year has arrived…Warrior Walk!!! The kids are already pumped about walking/jogging/running on Friday, September 29. 5th grade’s turn to be on the track is at 2:00…opening ceremonies will we at 12:00 noon…We hope you can stop by for a few minutes for this exciting event. Special thanks to our room mothers, Mrs. Becker & Mrs. Latham, for decorating our classroom door. T-shirts will go home Wednesday…I am encouraging the girls to fringe the bottom ( and sleeves) of them if they would like to do so.

Next year will mark the year for new Science standards. With that usually comes a variety of suggested new ways to teach these standards. Sumner County is currently implementing part of these for grades 3-5 and it is literature based. We have been reading 2 grade appropriate picture books chocked full of facts about the environment…ask your child about this!!!

Grandparent’s Day…..Huge Success

What a pleasure it was to meet the grandparents of the children!!! Everyone seemed to have an enjoyable afternoon. Thanks to all of the volunteers that donated treats, prepared the tables, and served refreshments!!! It’s nice that we take the time to honor those really important people in our life and share a part of your school life with them!!

5th grade did an AWESOME job in our first Quantum Focus Friday by participating in a skit and in coming up with new hand motions for the 8 Keys of Excellence. Houses received points for those kiddos who “were caught doing the appropriate thing” during the assembly. Keep up the good work!!! Our next Focus Friday is September 15 where STEAM activities will be completed.

Progress Reports went home on Friday, 9/8/17. Please sign your child’s envelope and return it ASAP for maximum House points along with Friday Folders. We have 4 more weeks before the end of the grading period.

Calendar correction: The 5th grade program is on December 19. It is incorrect on the PTO calendar.

This week in class, we will be finishing chapter 1, lesson 2 in Science. Please begin preparing for your quiz over this lesson. Pay careful attention to study the second half of the lesson on symbiosis; it is quite confusing and will need ample time to study.

Warrior Walk is right around the corner…I can’t wait!!!